Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know I've been a little lazy about blogging, and I've definitely been lazy about writing.

Total word count as of now is 10529. I think I'm going to be able to do this. I'm super behind, but have been getting a lot more writing done at work, and the story is shaping up. At least I hope so.

Big weekend. M was in town, and I had a realization that I drink too much, and am a mean drunk. So, I'm going to cool it from now on. I mean, NOT get blackout drunk on Saturdays.

My mom is back in the States, and its been nice to speak to her. She bought herself an ipod touch though, so now I keep getting calls from her, asking how to do what.

I am so incredibly tired lately. I seriously think I have mono. Or a gas leak. I have to get at least 10 hours of sleep every night now, or I will fall asleep on the road.

I can't wait to get home, to take K to FF and to see everybody.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What are words for?

OK, so I'm grosssly behind in my nanowrimo adventure. It is November 9th, and I'm supposed to be at 15,003 words. I am currently at 6585. YIKES! Behind SCREAMS!
I'm not going to stress out about it, and follow the words of one wise woman (CCS), and just have fun with this. Its getting kinda interesting, and even though my "novel" is totally "character" driven, I'm trying to pull together a plot, hopefully with a happy ending. (Boy, I sure am glad I opted to not do the zombie apocalypse fiction I wanted to do in September.)

This weekend was a good one.
Saturday I met, E, K and L for brunch, before we went to the Hammer. They had this really cool mandala exhibit. 4 or 5 Nepalese buddhist monks were creating the sand drawing(?), and we caught it the day before they performed the dissolution exhibit. I'm not going to lie, I wish I could have gotten my beans together to get down there to watch the ceremony and dissolution in the sea, but could not do it.

(This is pretty cool, they did the whole thing freehand)

Sunday we took the girls to Griffith Park for B's 9th birthday party. K was a little bitch, growling and barking at other dogs, but otherwise, enjoyed the day and had a good hike. I had a good hike too (I forgot how steep that thing is).

(The birthday girl)

(K had to sit off to the side, cause she just wanted to bark at other dogs. I am squatting like a pet chimp)

(B decided she hasn't had enough treats, love or cake so she decided to raid the spare goody bags)

Gaining an hour of sleep has been nice, but now, apparently my commute is 1 hour and its going to kill me. I've been sleeping every night at 10, just from sheer exhaustion.

M is in town tomorrow night, so I know this weekend is going to get deep again too. I kind of want to take K for another Griffith Park hike, so I'm going to try and introduce that idea to E and M.

How the hull is it already Thanksgiving? In the email, we're already making plans for the few days I'll be up north. Parties, Fort Funston runs, bar hopping, and a ZPH visit.
AGHHHH. This year is flying!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

more words...

Just got back from Honey Pig for L's birthday. I basically ate my weight in meat, and drank my weight in alcohol, but had enough sense to realize I'm still grossly behind in words, so opened up my text edit and wrote.
3028 words! Which would be great if this was November 2nd. But its not. So I better haul ass.
I'm trying to not freak out about what I'm doing, or attempting to do. Just wanna get it all out there. I mean, no one ever said it had to be good right?
Tomorrow I'm going to that Hammer exhibit to see the Buddhist monks finish up their sand painting exhibit. I'm kind of excited, it should be pretty cool.

The rest of this weekend is devoted to laundry and writing. Laundry and writing.

(Nightcap. Which is dumb, cause I'm exhausted and so full, I do not need any more alcohol.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things are worse then ever!

Alas. The dog washing fairy DID NOT visit while I was at work today, so I had to give K a bath. She hated it, but I just caught her lying on her back, kicking all four of her legs up in the air, so I'm pretty sure she's feeling good. Especially with this dumb heat wave.
Got a lot more on track with my writing today, and while I probably won't be able to write tonight (going to Molly Malone's to see C's band with E, L and M), am going to do a lot of catch up this weekend.

Thats all for now, but heres a picture of me and my babycakes.

(K is pretending to look sad that she got a bath, but I know she feels good)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day # 1 (Well, really day 3, but I'm behind)

1563 words written. I kept getting false starts tonight, but finally found a groove.

I'm still behind on words (I was giong to write 1667 words a day and am 3 days behind, but still. I can catch up right?)

YAY! I'm excited. Welp, more excited then I was few hours ago. A few hours ago I was going to scrap this plan and turn on an episode of 24.

I'm on my way to being a novel writer!

Here I am celebrating my first real attempt at a novel with a glass of pinot noir.

Hulla news!

Big news all around.
I know its been a while since I blogged, but I'm back and with a vengeance.
I'd like to start this blog off with the promise that I am giong to blog more. I don't know i don't do it more, but ive made a decision to get off my ass and get to it so here goes.

FIrstly (and I'm going in chroniogical order here)
Yup, the 2010, World Series Champions are the San Francisco Giants. While I'm not a die hard Giants fan, I still am a native San Franciscan, so having my home team win the World Series is big, big news. The Texas Rangers were doing really well, and I thought they were going to win, but the Giants won in 5 games. I lost my mnd on Monday night. M and I were at Pink Taco in Century City, and when we left, I literally ran all the way home, screaming my head off.

They won in Texas. I'm not going to lie, I was hoping they'd have to go back to San Francisco for a hometown victory, but am glad they finished it off. I'm also afraid SF would have exploded too.

ZPH was born! She's beautiful and I'm so proud and happy for D & C. I can't wait to squish that little bug. D had to have a c-section, but she came out perfect, and as far as I can tell, mom is doing fine.

The first picture C posted of ZPH. She's cute though!

NaNoWriMo started on Monday, and I've committed to doing it. I just started today, and I don't know how I'm going to get 50,000 words that isn't just "poop" repeated 50,000 times, but I'm going to do it.
I've decided to bring my laptop to work to get some writing in so I can edit and rearrange at home, but now I'm just some asshole who lugs her laptop all over the lot, looking for a place I can type and smoke. God, people must think I'm just a huge dickhead.

Here's me in the commisary at work. Eating chips and trying to write.

You'll be getting updates daily (well, I'll try), on how my progress goes.