Sunday, February 28, 2010

L, you're in my thoughts today.

Just a quick one today. L's mom passed away after two months of ups and downs. My heart is heavy and sad. I know she's not suffering anymore, and its been a long battle, but I can't stop feeling sad for L and her family. My heart goes out to her and her family.

I'm going to call my mom and tell her how much I love her.
I suggest you all do the same.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dog Dreams # 2 2/26/2010

Whoa. Strange ones again last night.
I dreamt M invited us all to his family's beach house in Morro Bay A whole crew of us were there, and this part gets kind of fuzzy, but we had a deadline of paying taxes (?) by April 1st. We were all getting ready to go next door to S's house, but all of a sudden the beach house was very wooded, and the house was all dark wood. IT actually kinda looked like we were in Portland. Then Ryan Reynolds comes out of the kitchen and I say to him, "Wow. You're a lot better looking then I thought you were", because he was really handsome, and he was like, "Thanks", so he was apparently staying at the beach house/Portland house as well. Then M and I were talking about him, because he was Ryan Reynolds, but also a half-asian dude, and I was like, "He looks better because he doesn't look as asian-y, you know how sometimes those kinds of mixes turn out bad", and M was like, "Don't say that!"

Then, M and I were walking on these fairgrounds, and it looked like a real legitimate county fair, out in the sticks, cause we got sick and tired of waiting for everyone to put on their shoes so we could go to S's house. And M and I were walking around talkinga about how nice it was to see people from the community come out to support the fair. And I was marveling at how there were real fair games, not just lame ones, like that one where you spray water into the clown's mouth to blow up the balloon.
One of the "real" fair games was a "real penny pitch" (I swear to god I remember saying this in my dream), and I was like, "This is a real penny pitch, not like those fake ones you go to now where they just spray all the dishes with pam so you can't win."

Then M and I started walking back to his beach house, which now looked like a victorian house, and it was in the middle of this dusty street, in what looked like old time-y Salinas, or at least how I imagine old time-y Salinas to look, and eveyrone was finally coming out of the house, but this group of ladies was walking by, and talking about the house and how it used to be a whore house, and they were joking about how maybe it still was because there were so many people coming out of it, and then they saw M and I going towards it, and I was like, "Wow. Its so nice you surprised me for our anniversary", really loud, to make the ladies think we were going to a whore house to celebrate.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

(no) Whale Watching!

Here we are at the beginning of the trip.

Choppy ass waters yo.

No whales in sight.

Whale watching, in theory is a great idea. You get on a boat, go out about 15-20 miles, see whales as they migrate either north or southbound, get lots of pictures, and then go back.

Thats IF you see whales. Today we went whale watching, or as I like to call it, (no) whale watching. L, A & J and I went down to Half Moon Bay this morning. It was overcast and rainy, but as we sat down to brunch, the thoughts of all the whales we were going to see warmed us through a delicious meal. It started raining harder, but joined the group of others. We met Izzy, the whale biologist, as Amanda sang her humpback whale songs, and we looked up at the sky, hopeful that the sun would be coming out soon.
We boarded the Salty Lady, and set out. The sea was choppy leaving the harbor, and we all clung to the side of the boat, so excited.
We kept going, the rain stopped, the sea was choppy and windy, and at one point we passed some weather line and the temperature dropped 20 degrees, well, it felt like it anyways.
We kept going, on and on. It started getting colder and colder as the ocean spray hit our faces.
And yet we kept going. No whales, but still, hopeful, scanning the horizon.
After an hour, L sat down, and after another half hour of standing by the side of the boat, getting soaked, I sat down as well.

We were cold, wet and hadn't seen any stinking whales. I likened it to being our Everest. Meaning we spent a lot of money (well, relatively), endured the weather, but still there is no guarantee you'll actually accomplish what you were hoping you would.

The skipper turned the boat around, which was nice, cause the sun came out for a little bit, and J and I caught little mini naps.
We docked, and went to go eat and drink warm things, and headed home.
My hair and clothes are salty and windblown, I can't get warm and no. I didn't see any whales.
Whales, I will see you with mine eyes. Soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

2 in one day

Sorry buddies, its been a while, so I thought I'd write down some thoughts. Had a great weekend.

Friday night, went to the fever hundo club with L and a bunch of her homies, including that guy D, who I definitely dont' like anymore, mainly because he was telling me about what his Valentines day plans were, and they involved walking across the golden gate bridge with his girlfiend (typo, but I'm keeping it), then going home and watching some fucking Godard or Truffault movies. Ugh. French New Wave? Ugh. Intelligensia irritates me, even though I was a total douchebag that night and used the word "jingoism" So, after fever hundo, got a street hot dog (EVERYTHING tastes better wrapped in bacon), then home.

Saturday I was a little hungover, so I cleaned the shit out of the house and did all the laundry and hung out with the Mtn. View gang, which was ridonculously fun. D had an idea for a bad 80's movie night, so I brought my copy of "Over the Top", and thought we were going to like watch it, but D had already gone to the video store and rented REALLY bad 80's movies. I mean, they were like low rent Porky's types of movies with gratuitous nudity, a completely unremarkable plot, and some scene where, at a halloween party, some kid shows up as a Klansman.

Sunday I spent with all my favorite people (except I didn't get to see A). Took my babycakes to Fort Funston, and even though she was a little bitch when I leashed her, and still has that little limp. Came home, did some mall walking with M, and then back home for some cuddling time with the puppy. Party at L's house, which was actually kinda fun. I had a sort of stomachache, and the bathroom smelled REALLY bad, or maybe it was just me..but whatever.
Met some guy, who's name I don't know, who was kinda cute, he looked like early Rhett Miller, and some people were liking it. So, I tried to talk to him all night, even though he was kind of a weirdo, I'd heard he'd been on a bad date with L, AND was bumming cigarettes off people all night.
Turns out there was some other really pretty girl that was into him too. What the dub are the chances that this guy is going to show up at a party and be the object of 2 girls' affections?

Tonight, D and A and I are going to go see Avatar(d). Word.

Dog Dreams # 1 - 2/15/10

OK. There were some real weird ones last night.

I dreamt I was investigating some murder mystery at this old abandoned house for a story I was writing, and we all thought the house was haunted by the ghost of the woman who had been murdered. I mean, there was definitely a haunted basement, and I was there with my mom, and the house was old and creaky.
So after doing some investigating, I found out the husband hadn't killed the wife, but he had thought she ran away with someone else, and was heartbroken, and the wife had been killed by some stranger, and thats why her ghost was haunting the house. I wrapped up that case, but decided I wasn't going to write the story about it, because it was so sad and full of heartbreak, and I didn't want to exploit the couple who had both been deceived and hurt.
THEN, I was at someone's house which then turned into a ranch, and the gang was all there, but the electricity kept coming in and out, and Ryan effing Gosling was there? And we were all standing around outside, and then the electricity goes again, so I decide we should play a game, where we run across to the middle (we were for some reason lined up in 2 lines facing each other), and do a fun high 5 and then run back.
AND, it just so happened I was across from Ryan effing Gosling, so I run out and did a fist bump with an explosion, and then the electricity came back on and we were all going back into the main lunchroom, and Ryan effing Gosling runs up to me, and puts his arm around me and was trying to talk to me about the fist bump and was asking me how to do one, and I was like, "yeah yeah", and trying to wriggle out from underneath his arm to show him, but I was so excited about it, I didn't even realize he was coming up with a stupid flimsy excuse to put his arm around me talk to me! I was just so fixated on showing him to do a fun high give/fist bump explosion. Dumb.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tough day

Ugh. Walking to work today was brutal. Not only because every single smelly, homeless guy would walk right next to me, or spit into my path but because its day 3 of not hearing from Twitter, and I'm still realy disappointed. Just thinking about how nice those offices were, and people actually engaging with each other, and looking happy to be at work? And then having to trudge over here, fucking 6th and Mission, into this dank pit. Man. It makes me real angry.

So, thats where I've been the last week. Just obsessed with Twitter, and wishing I had another job. And what kills me is that its been busy. I mean, insane. And yet, each day just drags longer and longer, the weeks feeling like months.
I swear, some of the things people at this place will try to do (not pay for services rendered, withhold rent payments to our landlords, change schedules)...ugh. It puts paperplategate to shame.

The little bit left on Sunday. Saturday night was a bad one for me, stayed home but fought with M alll night, which scared the dogs. But, the girls were getting used to each other, playing every day after they ate, AND the little bit was starting to pee and poo outside when I'd take her on a walk. I hope she's happy with her new owners.

Last week was A's birthday, and she organized this really awesome winetasting trip up to Sonoma. Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of wine tasting, but the Cline winery we went to was really awesome, and cheap. I'm not going to lie. I got real drunk. We sampled like 20 wines.

Sunday is the Superbowl, and I'm going to try and get someone to have a party. OR at least get invited to one. I basically want to stuff my face with chips, dip, and domestic beer.

Omega, its only 1040.