Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Its a bloody holiday, and I'm stuck at work. What makes it worse, is, its cold and rainy outside, my throat is tickly and the dogs were so cuddly and warm this morning. Even Kares cut her own walk short, and wanted to get back into the house, into bed.
I just want to lie in bed all day and watch Supernatural and have the dogs cuddled up next to me. Little bit is still pretty hypers, but she's settling down. Kares is still being a dickhead about the little bit, but meh..what can you expect? I'm just glad I didn't bring her to Morro Bay, because it looks like she's still limping and she would have lost her shit at the beach house. For real.

Last night I was watching the season premiere of Supernatural season 3, and the best part of it is when they're talking about the demons that they're fighting, and it turns out theyr'e the 7 deadly sins, and Dean goes, "Whaaats in the boxxxxx?" and they all look at him, and he goes, "What..Brad Pitt in Se7en?" STUPID...

Urgh. This day is eternal, and all I keep thinking about is living in that beach house with Karen and playing Ms. Pac Man and playing on the beach!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiittttttttttt!!!

Back from Morro Bay tonight. It was pretty awesome you guys. I've never been down there, and the Sitko's have this crazy, beautiful house right on the beach. I took it pretty easy, but I think the best part of the night was the roast for M. I lost my shit when A made the Landmark remark, and I'm really glad M and I were welcomed down to join in the festivities.
UGH. The only bad part of the night was disgusting J fingerblasting M, and being an all around ugly creepy creep. Yeah. M. I know you're reading this.
The roast was really fun, it was nice getting a littl emore insight into M and hearing E read that email was hilarious. Truly.
Some of the jokes were a little awkward (NERRRVOUS), especially since he M has dated people who were there, and married to other guys.

SLO is nice. I've never been, and its gorgeous. The town is really clean, and I just felt like a total degenerate throwing my cigarette buttt down (which I didn't).

I did miss my babycakes though, and even the little bit. They're so cute right now.

Next week is A's dirty 30, and I'm thinking theres going to be a wine train. Mama like.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm getting too old for this shit...

URGH. This weekend has been deep. I mean, epic. Friday night started off civil-y enough, with quick drinks at the 540, but I took a stinking sleeping pill before I went to bed, and then couldn't get out of bed until noon on Saturday. I spent all day trying to clean the house and managed to vacuum and get all the laundry done. Saturday night I met L and M to go over to L's house to watch The Room, which is just as bad as I remembered it. We booked out, and headed over to a going away party down on 24th and Alabama. The party was fun, but I was so drunk and tired, all I could do was stare at all the little junior hipsters and chug my beers.

The party was fun, except when that Ed Helm's lookalike turned off Motown Philly to put on a Wilco song. Now I like Wilco as much as the next guy, but man..not when I'm dancing to some Boys II Men.

Went to Taqueria Vallarta for some food, and ended up running some dude down to get his number for M. Got home at 430 in the fucking morning, and am in deep dirtbag mode.

Right now I'm trying to pull it together to go meet L and M at some bar on 17th and Capp for B's birthday. I'm going to BART though so I can be home by 10 and in bed by 1030. For real.

Sometimes I think I'm getting too old for this shit..

Monday, January 4, 2010

sorry buddy

New Years eve, we're all struggling to stay awake. D & D's faces in the front kill me.

snow time!

OK. So I got caught stalking someone via the internet through their blog, and now, said blog is restricted from uninvited readers. Which is kind of dumb, because if you really dont' want people/strangers snooping in your private life, maybe you shouldn't be putting them on the internet..but I digress. I will say, however, when I opened the page last night and saw that it was restricted, I got really embarrassed and felt like I had been caught by the police, peeking in his blinds, with my pants down. But, I guess that all doesn't really matter anymore. I'm so glad that stupid decade is over, and can't wait to start this one off right. Maybe I'll add to my new years resolutions, and tell myself I won't be such a weirdo stalker...

Hmmmm..Anyways..Tahoe was great. I mean. Really great. We got to a point during the weekend, where we were joking about how maybe we had all died and that the cabin was heaven. I got really excited at that prospect, even if I missed Karen terribly.
We went sledding on Saturday, but because of the weather change, all the snow turned to ice, and I bit it really hard on the little hill. I mean, I like, lost my breath cause I got the wind knocked out of me. D & C got to come up too, so we all spent the new year together. We played asshole, the picture game, and an impromptu game of "everyone plays one song on their ipod", which was surprisingly entertaining.

Kare is good, by the way. She still has a bit of a limp, but M said he didnt' give her any advil the whole time I was gone. She stinks though, so a bath is in order. Pronto.
This weekend, we watched "The Room", which was about as bad as watching Rwandan genocide. I mean..its badddddddd. Bad but extremely quotable. We're going to catch it at the midnight showing at the Red Vic this month.
Other then that, nothing really to report. Had a blast in Tahoe, all we did was sleep, eat, drink, sled and goof off.
Got home last night, cuddled my baby inappropriatly, slept early and had a hell of a time waking up this morning. Now its back to the salt mines. Blurgh..Will it ever be 6?

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day 2010!!

I am so excited I'm living the first day of the new year! Right now we are waiting for the hashbrown casseroles to bake, and D and E are doing ZUMBA! in the living room! Altogether it was a good night. D brought up the really good point that last night, we were all struggling to stay up till midnight, and then as soon as it came around, none of us could be stopped.
We're all living our own Hangover, but in Tahoe, and with better looking people, and funnier too.
Seriously though, who pooped in the yard?