Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New York is FUN...

The best thing about surprising people is the look on their faces. E--- and my surprise trip to NY went off without a hitch. We got in and surprised the D's at their place. D--- had the great idea for us to be on their bed when he came in, which is what we did. The bad news is, I got too excited waiting for him to turn the light on, I took a picture before he got the light on. Which is actually pretty frightening to think of him looking in to his dark room and seeing a bunch of flashes.

So, we surprised the D's pretty good. D---- was great in Gonna See a Movie Called Gunga Din. I didn't know what to expect, but my congratulations go to M--- for a great job. The stories/interviews were paired with scenes from classic war movies. It was really well done.

I wanted to post a bunch of pictures as I had planned on making this a pictorial entry, but stupidly didn't upload them on to my computer from my phone. So, I'll break down my trip in bullet points:

- If you have a chance, go to the Spotted Calf in Park Slope for their bottomless brunch. It's a bunch of Aussie's who are pretty heavy handed with their booze. The food is good too.
-They now sell gourmet-y cupcakes on the street in SoHo. That's new. They're expensive, but still delicious after a drunken night.
-Balthazar is still a nice place to eat dinner, and their oysters are top notch.
-Westville is a good place to get some good greens, but the West Village location is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny.
-Pies N Thighs is always a good choice for food, but be prepared to wait. We got there at 5:40 and still had to wait for our table/food.
-Prospect Park is a nice walk
-Coors Light tallboys and salt and vinegar always are more delicious when you're drinking them with friends
-You can kick me in the face all you want. I'm a heavy sleeper
-They don't have storage lockers in Penn Station anymore, so plan to pay to have your luggage stored at an adjacent hotel
-The Ferris Wheel in the Toys R Us in Times Square is only $4.50 a person, but you won't necessarily get your own car
and finally:
-If you mail your netflix back from NY on a Saturday morning, it will get back to LA by Sunday night...

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