Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm long overdue on this blog.
Move to LA finally happened! I've been here a month or so, and after a lot of b.s. interviews, finally landed a temp job.


(This is seriously the building I work in. There are DWARVES on the building. Honest to god DWARVES)

It's all good. The job is easy, but I need to touch base with my headhunter, cause things are still so uncertain. I had a really weird interview with the hiring manager, which led to anxiety about the job, position, team etc...

Times have been good. Been hanging out a lot with E, which is always nice, as we hole up in her apartment, drinking tecates and pbr's, and laugh and shoot the shit.

K HATES it here, but only cause she doesn't get to go to Fort Funston, has to share a small apartment with B, and isn't allowed on the bed. BUT, she's a good little puppy who will be queen of the roost when we finally get our own place.

I'm going to try to work on some things: writing, looking for open mic's, etc...but generally things are pulling together. I'm really happy here, and even though I miss all of my SF crew, especially M, I feel connected to them all via daily emails of ridiculousness.

D & D are gearing up for their move, and we're trying to put together a Vegas or Disneyland trip, which should be really, really fun.

D & C are having a little TBShe, and I fly up for the shower at the end of the month.

S & J are tying the knot next week. I can't wait to stand up there with her. I'm so proud of her, and know she and J will live a long good life together. She's also having a little tbshe as well.

The biggest news of course, is..our very own A is engaged. I couldn't help but tear up when I read the text, and am so happy and excited for the both of them. Dammit. He finally put a ring on it. A, if you'da given me a few more years to get my shit together, we coulda had a good life together..

That is all for now.
I'm so durn tired, I can't even see straight.